About BMR

Blue Marble Research (BMR) is a global thematic investment strategy and asset management company. After a distinguished 25 year career with the Private Client division of Merrill Lynch, Vinny Catalano founded BMR in 2001.

BMR’s primary mission is to provide clients with timely insights into the major trends and themes impacting the financial markets.

BMR goals are to enable investors to:

  • Earn a positive return
  • Beat the market
  • Minimize risk

To achieve its goals, BMR relies upon its network of analysts, strategists, economists, and various experts to help produce its original research. To do this, BMR utilizes its position as a leading provider of investment-oriented events.

For more information on analytical process as well as the investment principles and practices incorporated by BMR, please visit the Methodology section of this website.


Blue Marble Research (BMR) is an intellectually leveraged investment strategy and asset management firm. Through a network of contacts and relationships developed over the past three decades, BMR's president and founder, Vinny Catalano, is able to tap into some of the most insightful investment, economic, and geopolitical thinkers. It is this leverage of intellectual capital along with a unique analytical methodology that enables BMR to provide its clients with a comparative investment advantage.


Vinny Catalano, CFA
, is President and Global Investment Strategist with Blue Marble Research and author of "Sectors and Styles." Vinny is a past president of the New York Society of Security Analysts and a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

A global macro economic and capital markets expert, Vinny appears regularly in the media including CNBC, Bloomberg Radio and TV, foxbusiness.com, National Public Radio "Planet Money", CCTV (Central China Television), Canada's C- TV and BNN TV, and New Delhi TV and is frequently quoted in various professional publications such as Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, Reuters, Fortune, thestreet.com, MarketWatch, Globe and Mail, and Business Week. He also produces and conducts numerous events with various CFA Societies and other groups throughout the US, including the highly popular "Market Forecast Series" as well as topical and educational programs (see following partial list).


  • New York Society of Security Analysts
  • Market Technicians Association
  • CFA Society Toronto
  • CFA Society Stamford
  • CFA Society South Florida
  • CFA Society Orlando
  • CFA Society Baltimore
  • CFA Society Naples
  • CFA Society Mississippi
  • CFA Society Pittsburgh
  • CFA Society Nashville
  • CFA Society Austin
  • CFA Society Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • CFA Society Houston
  • CFA Society Phoenix
  • CFA Society Colorado
  • CFA Society Kansas City
  • CFA Society Philadelphia
  • CFA Society Jacksonville
  • CFA Society Tampa Bay
  • CFA Society Louisiana
  • CFA Society Tucson
  • CFA Society Virginia
  • CFA Society San Diego
  • CFA Society Orange County
  • CFA Society San Francisco
  • CFA Society Seattle
  • CFA Society Los Angeles
  • National Investors Relations Institute
  • Financial Planning Association of Northeast Florida
  • New York Institute of Finance
  • International Management Network (IMN)
  • Index Universe
  • Incisive Media

Investment Leaders

  • Byron Wien
  • Rich Bernstein
  • Ralph Acampora
  • Jason DeSena Trennert
  • Liz Ann Sonders
  • Stephen Auth
  • Phil Orlando
  • Mary Ann Bartels

Economic Leaders

  • Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman
  • Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith
  • Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman
  • Dr. Paul Slovic
  • Don Straszheim
  • Ed Hyman
  • Stephen Roach
  • David Wyss
  • Dr. Andrew Lo

Political Leaders

  • Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense
  • Dr. Jason Furman, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
  • US Senator Ron Wyden
  • former US Senator Phil Gramm
  • former Congressman Christopher Shays
  • former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer

Business Leaders

  • Robert Herz, chairman, FASB
  • John Castellani, president, Business Roundtable
  • Mark Lackritz, former president, Securities Industry Association
  • Thomas Bowman, former president, CFA Institute

Vinny also has extensive experience as an educator. He has conducted numerous educational classes and forums for investment professionals on behalf of NYSSA and Bloomberg; for investor relations experts on behalf of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the National Investor Relations Institute; and for non professional investors on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Town Hall Series) and the National Association of Investors Corporations. He has also provided private educational sessions for corporate leaders, including the current and past CEO of a Fortune 100 company.

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