How to make better investment choices

“At a time when individuals will increasingly be responsible for the management of their own investment in retirement, no one should be without a common man’s guide to the most important principles of investment management. With Sectors and Styles, every investor now has the complete tool kit for managing his or her own retirement assets.”

Kathleen Camilli, founder and Principal, Camilli Economics, LLC

“With twenty-five years’ experience in portfolio strategy with both a U.S. and global perspective, I find sector and style aspects to be crucial but often overlooked. Catalano does an admirable job of distilling the key issues. A good read for those with more than a passing interest in investing.”

Subodh Kumar, CFA, former Managing Director, CIBC World Markets

“With his decades of cutting-edge experience, Catalano has crafted an intelligent, well-reasoned, and easy-to-understand investment guide which no serious, active, knowledgeable investor should be without.”

Philip J. Orlando, CFA, Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Federated Investors, Inc.


Managing Your Assets In The Turbulent Times Ahead

"Sectors and Styles" introduces the serious student of investing to the necessary tools for building and maintaining an effective portfolio: a portfolio that is anchored in one of the core aspects of sound investment principles - diversification - and designed to meet the goals and obligations of an investor.

Blending fundamental and technical analysis, GEM (government, economy, and markets) and thematic analysis, ETFs and the power of the PC and Internet, sound investment principles and effective portfolio construction and management, "Sectors and Styles" defines and describes how to make better investment decisions.

Written in an easy to understand conversational style, "Sectors and Styles" brings to life the investment practices and principles that enables an investor to gain that vital competitive edge to succeed in the financial markets arena.

To accomplish this goal, "Sectors and Styles" is constructed in four parts:

Part 1 provides the foundation to Blue Marble Research’s research methodology and describes its key principles and practices, including

  • Core Concepts of Valuation
  • Investment Strategy Concepts and Principles
  • Essential Elements of an Effective Portfolio

Part 2 describes GEM in action:

  • The investment importance of the political process
  • An assessment of the global economy
  • A description of technical analysis

Part 3 describes the enabling power of two key 21st century technological tools – the PC and the Internet – and one product of financial innovation – Exchange Traded Funds.

Part 4 is where it all comes together. The combination of core valuation principles, key investment principles, GEM, and technological and financial innovative tools, is applied in the construction of effective portfolios for various investor risk profiles.

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