Diversification with a tilt.

"This is a GEM of a book. Catalano has a three-pronged approach to investing: government, economics, and markets. He artfully blends ETFs into the construction of diversified portfolios. Subjects covered range from valuation to technical analysis."

Ralph Acampora, CMT, former Managing Director, Knight Research

"Catalano offers unique insights into the changing nature of today's markets. Investors of all experience levels will find it well worth the read."

Jason DeSena Trennert, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Strategist, Strategas Research Partners

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Welcome to Blue Marble Research, a research advisory and asset management firm. 

If the past several decades have proven anything it's that today’s investment and economic environment is complex, dynamic, and global in nature and, therefore, requires a more comprehensive approach to analysis and investment decision-making. In other words, this is not your grandfather's stock market anymore.

As a result, to be successful navigating this environment requires an understanding of the key trends and themes impacting the global economy and the financial markets. This is the mission of Blue Marble Research: To provide investors with the knowledge and tools to help tilt the investment odds in their favor.


The methodology employed combines fundamental, technical, and thematic analyses. By incorporating all three elements of these research methodologies into one's investment decision-making process, investors can increase their odds in achieving the single most important performance data point: Alpha.

Blue Marble Research believes - and the results prove - that through such a comprehensive analytical approach and an adherence to sound investment principles an investor’s odds of generating an above average rate of return at a reduced level of risk is achievable.


In addition to its own direct research efforts, Blue Marble Research is able to extend its research capabilities through its network of valued relationships. As the leading provider of events to CFA societies, Blue Marble Research gains important insights into the thinking of its expert panelists and speakers, as well as hearing what's on the mind of those in attendance. This unique capability enables Blue Marble Research and its clients to benefit in ways not available through other research services.

Moreover, through its newly established podcast interview service for The New York Society of Security Analysts, "Insights with Vinny Catalano" will soon become a leading provider of high quality, high value research and commentary thereby further extending Blue Marble Research's understanding of today's complex and dynamic economic and investment environment to the benefits of its clients.


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