Research Services

Blue Marble Research provides insightful research reports and other investment strategy services for a wide range of clients. Rooted in its proprietary research methodology – GEM – Blue Marble Research seeks to identify the key trends and themes impacting the global economy and the financial markets.

Access to our research services requires a subscription at one of three levels.

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"Musings on the Markets" provides timely commentaries and insights on key global thematic trends, the global economy, and the financial markets.

"Beyond the Sound Bite" lists the media related activities of Blue Marble Research, including radio, TV, and Internet appearances, as well as selected podcast interviews with leading investment strategists, economists, geo political experts, and other key thought leaders.


Blue Marble Research Advisory

Blue Marble Research helps investors manage their assets in the turbulent times ahead by offering 3 levels of service. 

Service Levels

Level I: "The Macro Strategist" (see description below) + discounted attendance fees to all Blue Marble Research events (see events page for information on upcoming events). 

Level II: All services included in Level I + access to podcast interviews with leading investment strategists, economists, geo political experts, and other key thought leaders (see details below) + semi annual one-on-one calls with Vinny Catalano. 

Level III: All services included in Level II + quarterly one-on-one calls with Vinny Catalano* + a yearly in person meeting with Vinny + customized portfolio analysis and discussions.

Annual Subscription Fee Structure

  • Level I   -      $250
  • Level II  -   $1,000
  • Level III -   $5,000

Deferred payment options are available for Levels II and III as follows:

  • Level II  - semi annual payment of one half the annual rate
  • Level III - quarterly payment of one quarter the annual rate

*This Level III service replaces the semi annual calls available at Level II.

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The Macro Strategist

Published weekly, "The Macro Strategist" is a timely assessment of the key trends and themes impacting the global economy and the markets. In addition to key data and commentaries and other timely data and analysis, each report contains Blue Marble Research's all-ETF Model Growth Portfolio (MGP), incorporating a unique blend of both fundamental analysis (GEM methodology and Thematic Investing) and technical analysis (Mega Trends, Divergences Principle, and momentum indicators). The result is an actively managed, well balanced portfolio rooted in the core investment strategy principle of diversification with a tilt.

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Podcast Interviews

“Insights with Vinny Catalano” is a New York Society of Security Analysts’ exclusive podcast series featuring informative and educational interviews with leading economic, market, geo political experts, and other key thought leaders. Each podcast will explore the major trends and themes at work and how they impact the investment decision-making process of investors. A special focus will be directed toward the “big picture” issues at work in the global economy. In this way, listeners will receive information that is complementary to the more traditional training and analysis provided, such as those offered by the CFA Institute.

Subscribers at levels II and III have access to this service.

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